ArborCraft Games

Have tons of fun in this unique collection of mini-games without mods or add-ons! only command blocks!
This is a collection of three unique and fun PvP games, CampWars, WoolWars and SkyWars, with beautiful unique lobbies and maps for all three and a wonderful themed main lobby.
This is a PvP game that supports four teams and as many players as you want! I recommend 2-4 players, but you can do as many as you want! Before each match, press Reset, then select your team. You will be taken to a beautiful huge wildlife map with two structures in the middle and replenishment of chests around the map with random replenishments.
The map is ideal for large numbers of players and small numbers of players, it works with both 2 and 30 players and is versatile enough to accommodate all kinds of different play styles!
The Wizarding Tower is another shop that searches for stars found in comets. These comets fall from the sky at specific locations and contain empty stars. You can buy magic items there, such as cows that grow leather, health boosters, elytra, ender pearls, a gust of wind that launches you into the air, and more!

version: 1.16.x.

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