Block Effect Parkour

Different blocks will give you different effects in all 10 parkour levels! We’ve also included a new wall-running technique for you to experience! The lobby will introduce you to each effect.
This parkour is different from most. Instead, if you just jump from block to block, you will experience multiple effects on each level! This makes the game more fun and more interesting than before. The average playing time of this card is usually 5 to 25 minutes. Every command block has been tested, however if you find a problem, please let us know!
This map is for single player use only.
Here is a list of each block that has an effect:
Redstone block – Kills the player
Emerald Block – gives jump momentum
Lapis block – gives an increase in speed
Carbon block – gives levitation
Gold Block – Provides a checkpoint
Diamond block – marks the end of each level
Here’s an overview of the entire map!

version: 1.14.x.

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