Connect 4 Without Hopper

Connection 4 uses hexadecimal memory. You can see the tutorial on the map.
Part 1: connect 4
The map has a tutorial on how to create a Connect 4 without a hex memory bin.
We recommend using the latest version of Minecraft because new decoration blocks have been used.
The button at the bottom resets all connections 4. The player’s turn changes automatically and you can add a button to change the rounds manually if you want, but it will be difficult to implement.
Part 2: tutorial
There is a tutorial on the map on how to do this as simply as possible. The tutorial is next to Connect 4. It’s not very difficult to understand.
Part 3: Behind the Connection 4
Behind Connect 4, you can see a lot of redstone and it can seem daunting.

version: 1.16.x.

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