Elemental Creepers

Adds 10 varieties of Creepers that have unique abilities.

Sweet Creeper: drops 2-6 cakes after death. Very sweet mob!
Inverted Creeper: after it explodes, all nearby blocks are turned upside down. Be careful when you meet him.
Ender-Creeper: after the death of resets 0-1 pearls Edge, also can teleport, as a Ranger Edge. It can be damaged with water and rain.
Fire Creeper: loves to bathe in lava. Its explosion explodes nearby blocks, after which they light up.
Glowing Creeper: resets 4-10 sweetamna after death.
Hydrogen Creeper: has a big Bang.
Night Creeper: after his death comes night.
Creeper: cookie: cookie 0-14 resets after death.
Creeper snowmobile: blast replaces the air surrounding the blocks with snow.
Spring Creeper: loves to jump all day.

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