Find Diamond, Gold & Iron Ores Quickly

Ores are so important when starting a new survival world as they provide the materials for all the tools you need to survive.

In this seed we guarantee that you will find the most valuable ores in Minecraft just minutes after spawning. You will spawn in a village which is located next to a river in a flat landscape biome. Begin by making a little marker at spawn to remember at which area you spawned and in which direction you faced. Now get back to the surface from where you came and return to the spawn point and the marker which you previously made. Turn left and you should face a bryce biome. Head into the bryce biome and continue until you see a river. Turn right and follow the river until you see a little mine opening on the other side of the river. Enter the mine and pretty soon you should be able to find some gold ores. There are multiple tunnels to choose from but every one of them lead to a dead so it shouldn\u2019t take long to find the ores.

Seed Number: -645243394
Versions: 0.17.0, 0.16.0, 0.15.3

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