Islands, Village & Stronghold

In this seed you will spawn on a small island far out in the ocean.

Just a little further away is another island which house a small village and a stronghold. It\u2019s a really nice seed suitable for survival adventures if you like go exploring and don\u2019t wanna be all lonely because there are some villagers in the village. The spawn is on a small sand island next to the main island which include a small village. It\u2019s located on the very coast of the island. A stronghold can be accessed by dropping into the well in the center of the village. Break the bottom blocks of the well to access a small staircase which leads down into the stronghold. In a future update of Minecraft Pocket Edition it will likely be possible to use the end portals found in the strongholds to go to the End. Here\u2019s an overview of the island village and the surrounding islands.

Seed Number: 928574289
Versions: 0.17.0, 0.16.0, 0.15.3

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