Plus Swords

This addon adds 8 new swords to your Minecraft world, each sword has its own characteristics, effects and much more.

Ender’s sword

Diamond Sword II

Emerald sword

Magic Wand (with it you can fly)

Wooden Sword II

Leather sword

Feather sword

WOODEN SWORD II – The objective of this sword is to have a good quality with very cheap materials – 6 damage-2000 hits – Force II effect

ENDER’S SWOR – 8 damage-3000 swords-speed II and force II

DIAMOND SWORD II – damage 10-3000 hits – speed II-jump II-force II

SWORD OF EMERALD – damage 8 – 2800 swords – village hero II – force II

LEATHER SWORD – damage 3-1000 hits

FEATHER SWORD – damage 3-1000 hits

QUARTZ SWORD – damage 6-1800 hits

MAGIC WAND – It will help you fly

Activate the experimental mode in your Minecraft world for the addon to work.

version: 1.14.x,1.15.x,1.16.x

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