Prison By SimianOne39

This card is for you and your friends. You will appear in a room with several buttons on the wall. Click one of them to get started!
After clicking a button, some of you will get buttons. If you have it, go through the door marked “prisoner”. All others must go through the door marked with the guard.
Prisoners – doors close automatically at night. Be in your cell before that. Your goal is to escape. Agree with the guards on how to do this BEFORE starting the game.
Guards – If you see a prisoner at night, kill them. Key cards must be thrown onto the carpet to open the door. Don’t worry, you will get it back.
General Information – There is a mine, a forest, a crowd spawning room and a Nether portal. They are for both inmates and guards to obtain materials for use. There are many rooms, mostly decorative, but there are regular cells and one solitary cell. Everyone must agree on a way to escape before starting the game.
You can play however you like.

version: 1.14.x, 1.16.x.

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