Raid Zombies

On the Raid Zombies map, you need to survive as long as possible. Stores with supplies and armor will simplify your task, but hordes of evil zombies – on the contrary, so it’s better to immediately assemble a team of several Minecraft PE players.
Kits characteristics:
Red: Improved bow, iron armor, endless fire arrows.
Blue: iron armor and a trident, enchanted to maximize loyalty, impale, slow and give you a HP boost.
Yellow: leather armor, stone sword, crossbow with maximum reload boost, bow enchanted for strength 3, speed 3 and jump boost.
Orange: iron armor and an ax, a crossbow with fast reloading, a shield with automatic repair, a golden apple, HP boost, regeneration and damage absorption.
Green: leather armor, wooden sword with knockback, crossbow with multiple shots, crossbow with fast reload, crossbow with maximum penetration and fast reload, HP boost.

version: 1.16.x.

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