Savannah Mountain Village & Desert Temple

In this seed we will show you how to find an epic savannah mountain village and a cool desert temple buried deep underground.

To get there requires quite a bit of traveling so be prepared for walking or flying quite a bit before getting there. However, it\u2019s a really cool seed so we definitely think it\u2019s worth it! The spawn is on a small island somewhere out in the ocean. Cross over the water ahead of you to the desert biome. Continue straight ahead and soon you should reach a river. Follow the river until it flows into the sea then continue alongside the (desert) shoreline. By now you should have reached a savannah biome. Before going any further find the desert temple which is located on the border of the desert and savannah biome. The desert temple is almost entirely buried by dirt and sand but there\u2019s a small hole in the center of the temple which can be used to access the temple. Exit the desert temple and move in the direction toward the extreme mountains in the savannah biome. When you come out from the other side of the mountain you should be able to see parts of the mountain village.

Seed Number: -101772213
Versions: 0.17.0, 0.16.0, 0.15.7, 0.15.6, 0.15.3

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