Sumo Arena

This is another interesting PVP-map. Here you will have to fight in the middle of the endless sky above the void in a special PVP-arena! You can fight a friend in a battle with multiple biomes in the arena and special sets.
Choose a place to fight with your friends and decide who is the best warrior among you.
More PVP-maps in the Master for Minecraft app!
Next, stand with your friend in the designated area opposite each other. And do the countdown, for example, from 5, or from 3, decide for yourself – this is not the main thing.
The main thing is to have time to react in time and strike your opponent, throwing him out of bounds. And then, you will become a real winner.
You can even arrange your own tournaments, fantasize, play in turns, if you suddenly decide to invite more than one friend.

version: 1.9.x. – 1.16.x.

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