The Fallen Kingdom Project

Adds beautiful dinosaurs with their behavior to your minecraft world. This addon is based on the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. The add-on adds beautiful looking Indoraptor Rexy and also Blue and many more.

Carno – spawns every 1 minute so they are kinda rare and also tameable with cooked mutton

Blue – tameable with cooked mutton and spawns rarely

Indoraptor – does not spawn and not tameable

Rexy – tameable with cooked mutton and spawns every 30 seconds

brachiosaurus – not tameable spawns every 20 seconds

Apatosaurus – not tameable spawns every 40 seconds

Mosasaurus – spawns rarely in the ocean and not tameable
The dinos are attracted to Cows.

version: 1.14.x,1.15.x,1.16.x

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