Things Plus

Surely you often thought that you need more items and weapons in your Minecraft world. This addon is what you need, because it adds Minecraft items and blocks from which you can craft new weapons.

How To Get Magic Gem
The magic ore is the main thing in Things+.
It can be turned into a pickaxe or sword. The magic ore can be found aty level 11 and below. The ore has multiple steps before turning into the gem,

The ore drops Magic gem pieces
The block is as rare as a diamond ore. the gem inside the block has an animation that makes it change color.

Is the gem piece, if 9 of the pieces are collected it can be turned into a broken gem.
Each of the magic gem ores drops 1-3 of these magic gem pieces.
After collecting 9 gem pieces you can craft them together to make a broken magic gem. After you have the Magic Gem you can smelt it to make a magic gem.

The magic gem can only be meted by a strong source heat that the blast furnace makes, so the only place it can be smelted is in the blast furnace.
Now you have the completed magic gem.

With the gem, you can craft tools and more items like the elytra.

Some of these tools have special powers that help you

Gem pickaxe
The magic gem pickaxe is hard to craft but has a special power.
It does 9 damage and if you stand next to a stone block with the pickaxe in your hand it mines it instantly.

Gem sword (15 damage)
The magic gem sword is one of the most powerful swords in Minecraft doing 21 damage when held in hand.

Bat Wing
The bat wing is dropped when a bat is killed. a bat dropped 1-2 wings.

The bat wing can be collected by killing a bat. A bat can drop between 1-2 bat wings. The bat wing can be used to craft the elytra.

The crafting recipe of the sword and pickaxe are


There is also an item called flour. It is crafted by putting wheat in the middle crafting slot. Each piece of wheat can be turned into 3 flour.

You can cook the flour in a furnace, or smoker to make bread

There is also a food item called raw squid and cooked squid

You can get it by killing a squid. each squid drops 2-4 raw squid. You can put it in the furnace on a campfire to make cooked squid

There is also an ore called copper ore. When the block is mined it drops copper ore.

The copper ore can be smelted into copper ingots. Using the copper ingot you can make
A copper sword and copper pickaxe. The copper sword does 5 damage.

The copper ore spawns like iron underground. A copper plate and wire can also be made.

The copper plate can be made by using a hammer on it, and a copper wire can be made using a shear on the copper plate. a hammer can be made like a sign but instead of wooden planks put iron.

You can get the items or blocks by typing in the chat /Give @a ThingsPlus: (Any Items on the list on top).

version: 1.16.x

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