Turtles Addon

This mod will add 4 new types of turtles to your Minecraft world. Turtles will be found in all Minecraft marine biomes.
This addon is inspired by real-life turtles with all their characteristics. Some of them need to be fed algae, and some fish.

Olive ridley turtle the smallest turtle and the most common turtle.

  • drop: seaweed
  • spawn: warm ocean, lukewarm ocean, frozen ocean, cold ocean, deep ocean, ocean
  • feeding: seaweed

Hawksbill turtle the most rare turtle.

  • drop: cod
  • spawn: deep ocean, warm ocean
  • feeding: cod

Green turtle is inspired by the flatback turtle

  • drop: tropical fish
  • spawn: warm ocean, lukewarm ocean
  • feeding: tropical fish

Leatherback turtle the biggest turtle

  • rideable (not tamable,working on it)
  • drop: pufferfish
  • spawn: lukewarm ocean, warm ocean, deep ocean, ocean
  • feeding: pufferfish

version: 1.13.x,1.14.x

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