Two Desert Temples & Two Savannah Villages

In this seed you will come across two desert temples. One is found in front of spawn and the other can be found buried in the sand, it\u2019s very easy to miss if you don\u2019t look for it carefully.

There are also two villages in the seed which are relatively close to the spawn point. The spawn is in front of a temple which is situated along a river. Destroy the blocks in the center of the temple to enter the room where all the treasures can be found. Just watch out for the pressure plate in the middle because it sets of a TNT trap. Here is a list of all items you will find in the temple: 7 iron ingots; 4 gold ingots; 1 diamond; 12 rotten flesh and 8 bones. Return to the spawn and walk in the opposite direction following the path of the river.

Seed Number: 1951203040
Versions: 0.17.0, 0.16.0, 0.15.3

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